Pierre Kwenders “Le Dernier Empereur Bantou”

While you could argue that Pierre Kwenders isn’t doing anything revolutionary, debut album Le Dernier Empereur Bantou orbits a pleasing postmodern aesthetic. The Congo-born, Montreal-based musician steeps the electronic vibes of his current Canadian surroundings in Congolese rumba rhythms to achieve a vivacious musical style. With the humble self-designation of “spokesman of modern Africa,” Kwenders […]

October 30th, 2014|NEWS|

Clap! Clap! “Tamboucanda” EP (Black Acre)

Black Acre, the record label responsible for. The EP’s standout track ”Elon Mentana” is a dubbed-out masterpiece which playfully toys with tempo and pitch, produced with the help of DJ Khalab (also one half of this audio-visual collaboration with Malian master of the talking drum Baba Sissoko). Tambacounda, which you can stream in full on the youtube […]

September 19th, 2014|NEWS|